Friday 14 June 2024
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Sexual distance is the most recommended attitude

Sexual distance is the most recommended attitude

Officially, for some decades now, maintaining safe sex was always a fairly clear recommendation and continues to be reinforced. The use of a condom is the main way to stop being caught up in the fright of sexually transmitted diseases. This way, people take care of themselves and at the same time, also be taking care of others.

However, in the midst of a pandemic of a new virus such as COVID-19, which can reach the entire global sphere, all types of hygiene recommendations and precautions must also be taken seriously.

Sex with hot Adelaide escorts in Skokka Australia, after confinement leads to different approaches of returning to normality. If it is advised to stop greeting with handshakes, in addition to avoiding face contact since saliva is the main way of contagion, is it forbidden to have sex?

There are many studies on the pandemic virus and every moment there are changes that can leave everyone without any clue as to how to act without causing problems in a group.

The doubts about how to have sex is what most takes away the sleep of those who now look for a partner or have dates with different people to achieve a stable relationship.

Besides, how is it possible to meet someone in these weird times? First of all, it is a must to take into account the reality of each country that goes through quarantine and/or back to normal phases, which are, on the other hand, an important fact.

That’s why Skokka is looking for more information because, after all, who doesn’t like worry-free sex? The stability of knowing that it is possible to do it yet with restrictions and in a more careful way. Although there is still no definitive solution, sex professionals say that it is possible to have sex while there is responsibility and prudence.

The importance of taking all measures

It is based on the basic principle that having sex in quarantine must ensure the health of individuals. The responsibility has to be on each. Both need to be doing the confinement properly. Otherwise, what begins with an act of affection becomes a form of transmission of the virus.

In the meantime, it is worth reinforcing that this responsibility has to be reflected among young people, adults or companions. Caution is the best solution!

Sex without a kiss?

At the moment, yes. People who go through quarantine together, are likely to go back to the routine together as they have certain care and may be less likely to be infected with COVID-19. And when the topic is sex with the Aussie escorts, avoid kissing is also recommended in addition to avoid oral sex to the maximum.

So far there is no irrefutable evidence that sex transmits this specific virus, although it is transmitted by saliva, due to the fact that oral routes are what propagate the contagion. It sounds strange to say that prudent sex is the one that has safe distance, however it is a reality.

For those who seek sex to improve the body’s defenses, this is a myth that must be demystified. The truth is that having sex with escorts near me in Sidney, increases the well-being for the hormones it releases in the sexual act, which means that sex in addition to helping in the feeling of relaxation, mainly helps to pass time.

But how to keep sexual distance?

In times of uncertainty, it is best to wait for alternatives. That applies to many things, including sex in times of pandemic. Between the use of masks and recommendations of social distance, intimate relationships become the last of the stages when it comes to knowing the escorts near me.

As long as sex cannot be avoided, since the human being has the sexual instinct, as has already been said, the use of the condom should be part of the vocabulary.

In fact, the minimum safety distance is also advised. Back positions that avoid face-to-face contact are the best choice. Also hygiene, always washing hands and sex toys when used, with water and soap before and after sex, should be the first thing to do and thus enjoy the moment.

There are people who feel invincible wearing the mask. However, for both everyday life and sex, its use does not take away one’s responsibility to keep one’s distance. Even because the material is not designed for more intense physical activities.

It is also worth mentioning that tongue kisses and sexual kisses can be a general risk, which serves as advice for couples with a stable relationship. Therefore, if there is sex, it is advisable to have distance from the faces. Maybe it’s time to use other alternatives like virtual sex with the most beautiful escort ladies.

Signed.: Julia Santos