Friday 12 July 2024
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Incredible advantages of a couple massage session – How relaxing it can be

Incredible advantages of a couple massage session – How relaxing it can be

Valentine’s Day comes and goes at the blink of an eye. Amidst arranging a special dinner or cooking your partner’s favorite food, you forget to spend quality time with each other. What if Valentine’s Day is gone? Is there a particular day for love? Definitely not! You can continue the effect of that day to another day by scheduling an activity that you both can enjoy. How about scheduling a sensual couples massage?

With massage therapy, both you and your partner will be able to unwind and bask in each other’s company while getting pampered at the same time. Considering the fact that a couple’s massage is a great way of strengthening the bond, here are a few benefits that you can reap through such an experience.

  1. Ignites the flame between you and your partner

Both mentally and physically, a couple’s massage has several benefits. Whenever your body gets a massage, it releases oxytocin, which is more commonly known as happy chemicals or cuddle chemicals. Once these are released, you can get a sense of happiness, pleasure, and calmness. This is undoubtedly a great feeling for us to crave.

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress

Daily, your body works really hard to let go of tension. When your body receives a massage, it lowers stress by releasing dopamine and serotonin. Both of these chemicals are vital for the health and wellbeing. Whenever you opt for couple massages, this enhances your mood, boosts a strong bond and reduces stress. Massages can diminish levels of cortisol, which is responsible for stress.

  1. Enjoy a good quality time

During the entire week, it’s tough for you to take out time for your partner due to daily household chores. Even when you go out for dinner dates, you get busy with your phone. This is why massages are the best way to enjoy quality time with each other. You just have to put on hold your work for an hour and relax with your partner. The best thing about body massage is it gets you a similar relaxation feeling as a vacation.

  1. Improves feelings of affection

The happy hormones that are released when you get a body massage done encourage proper communication. Touch is something that stimulates all sorts of social hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. The hormones work to uplift your spirits and retain your happy feeling for a long time even after the massage is done. This is the time when you’ll experience affectionate feelings towards your partner.

  1. Boosts intimacy

Continuing with the task done by hormones, one that are released through a body massage will boost the affection that you have towards your partner on both physical and emotional level. You both will love the intimacy that you share together post massage. In case you have such experience like other couple, you’ll know how it feels.

  1. A perfect break from routine life

Whether you get the break from matters of home or your workplace, you always need some time to relax and wind back. During a massage session with your partner, the two of you spend time in a place that is perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Spending just an hour will eliminate all your tension and stress that you shared before the session. When each of your muscles are kneaded, you can relieve yourself of ailments and tension.

So, if you are a busy couple who is always rushing to complete daily errands, you should certainly opt for a couple massage session to reap the above-listed benefits.