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How to give an erotic massage to you partner: Body to body alias Nuru massage as a popular form of foreplay

How to give an erotic massage to you partner: Body to body alias Nuru massage as a popular form of foreplay

When you want to pick up some of the erotic techniques, learning how to give an erotic massage called body to body massage may be the right possibility for you. This relaxing, loosening and sensual erotic practice will surely turn both you and your partner on. Your sex life will get spiced up by the new experiences gained through finding unconventional and unorthodox methods both inside and outside your bedroom.

How to give an erotic massage called nuru massage and what it is

What is this method?

The technique “body to body” is used during it. Masseurs and the client are both naked and covered in non-aromatic oil or special nuru gel similar to lubricant with its consistency. The therapist lays her body on the client and loosens his body through certain means.

“Nuru” means slippery in Japanese so the giver literally slides on the receiver’s body. This method lends the whole procedure sensual and exciting mood – the sense of touch is fully alert, the visual effect is guaranteed and the oil provides a strong erotic feeling.

Intimate parts do get their fair share of attention during the massage as well as the surrounding areas, therefore a certain level of sexual arousal is expected. Orgasm is a welcome and fairly common addition to it as it is good for your happiness and health.

What should you not be afraid of trying?

It is important not to be afraid of working with your whole body, using all of its parts, your hands the least. That can cause the nuru procedure to become physically harder to perform than her sisters, yet it belongs among the favorite ones. The unconventional touches grant exceptional feelings of arousal and delight. The masseuse should be able to use her body-weight and alter the intensity and speed of her motions.

You can use your feet, butt, belly, back but also breasts. If the whole procedure is finished by the climax of the massaged one the hands or breasts are used the most. Fluent transition into sex itself is possible as well.

Nuru massage step by step

  1. In the beginning, both partners take a shower or a bath together. It is for the best to start with the massage in the water and continue from there. The water should be warm so that the muscles relax and get ready. Furthermore, a warmed up body can absorb the gel better.
  2. Once done with the shower, they move over to anywhere where the massage will be taking place. The giver covers the receiver in oil or gel and then herself as well.
  3. Then the “body to body” practice itself takes place and all of the massage techniques and the whole body are being used.
  4. The attention should be paid towards all of the erotogenic zones (even those lesser known) of the partner just like the intimate parts themselves. This method is very reliant on the creativity of each masseur or masseuse. You won’t ruin anything by almost any movement as the gel itself intensifies the experience by a lot.
  5. You can finish the procedure by an orgasm of one or both partners just like by a sexual intercourse.

Nuru method provides a truly strong erotic experience meant not only to arouse but to relax and loosen the whole body and soul. It is no wonder that it is becoming more and more popular not only in Japan, the USA, and Canada but also in Europe.

Are you going to use your newly gained knowledge and try this practice in your own household? Share with us in the comment section.