Friday 12 July 2024
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Here’s Why You Should Hire a Stripper For Your Stag Party

Here’s Why You Should Hire a Stripper For Your Stag Party

A stag party is going beyond a typical night out. It’s more than just friends gathering for the weekend. A stag party is a celebration of your friendships and looking towards the future. If you want to elevate the party at all, calling a stripper or two for their services will be a great addition to the party. 

If you want to skip straight to calling the ladies, and want the best skimpies in Perth, no one beats Charlie’s Angels, Perth. With their selection of angels to choose from, you can call them in for your bucks night. 

If you’re still on the fence, here’s why you should make the call:

Strippers are Fun

When you hire strippers, you are letting guests know that the event is one step above, whether they are one part of the entertainment or one of many, it leaves an impression. Parties with strippers are memorable, and all your guests will have fun.

In addition, the strippers are professionals when it comes to entertainment, they are charming, and chatty and will create a great party atmosphere with just their energy alone. 

The Performance is Key

For strippers, it’s all about showing off. The strippers love to perform. Acts always vary and the level of expertise strippers have will surprise you. When you hire more than one stripper, or even a team of strippers you’ll be getting a pre-planned and coordinated performance. This will make your night less of a drinks party and more of a really extravagant night to remember. 

They Bring Energy

Parties can be awkward, everyone can gather together, and as the night goes on, the energy gets lower. If you’re intent on re-energising a party and keep going well into the night, hiring strippers to come to your event is a must-do. The girls are experts in bringing the party vibe and will keep everyone entertained well into the night. 

It’s Tradition

Hiring strippers for your bucks party may seem like an outdated notion, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Strippers are still very much in demand and are more wanted than ever. No longer do the girls just come to the party and leave after some dancing, now they offer things like poker dealing, food-themed shows, nude waitressing or topless waitressing too. 

It Makes Parties Memorable

You’ve probably been to quite a few forgettable parties, don’t let your bucks be one of these parties. A stripper at your stag will make for a great story. You’ll bring it up for years to come, and this is the key to it all. With a great show, games and service, you can have a memorable night to remember for life. 

It Won’t Break The Bank

Hiring a whole dance crew for an event can rack up the bills into the thousands, but an individual stripper or striper package for your next event will be way more affordable. You can spend a similar amount of money you’d spend at a night having a high-end dinner, but the difference is that everyone at the party will now be having an incredible time.