Tuesday 16 April 2024
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7 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship During Lockdown

7 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship During Lockdown

In order to have achieve a successful relationship; constant work is required. A perfect relationship simply does not exist but a healthy happy relationship is possible. Typically it requires patience, teamwork, and a large amount of love from both individuals. And having not only a successful romantic connection, but also a thriving one during lockdown is no exception to hard work. If anything, you are your partner may be feeling more strain than usual on your relationship and wondering how you can help your relationship survive the duration of lockdown. If this is you, you are not alone in these feelings. Going through a lockdown is challenging enough on its own. Add trying to maintain a successful healthy relationship during that timeframe and it can all become very overwhelming very quickly.

Strengthening Your Relationship

As mentioned above, going through a lockdown is not only life altering on an individual person but also very challenging on a couple. It cannot be stressed enough how difficult getting stuck in a lockdown can be on you and your partner. However, instead of focusing on the challenges take this time to dig deeper in your relationship and try to have more intimate conversations. Granted there is no way to escape one another if the conversation becomes uncomfortable but this can be a milestone in your relationship because you will be forced to discuss your feelings and have to listen to one another completely. This is a great opportunity to also discuss what activities you both enjoyed doing individually prior to the lockdown and give you both ideas to plan experiences once the lockdown is passed. Check out Practical Intimacy for more ideas on how to get more intimate during lockdown. Your text to link…

Achieve Balance

It is extremely important to spend time together and to check in on one another mentally and physically because lockdown can take a toll on the entire body. However, it is also extremely important to remember to schedule time apart during the lockdown. This may seem difficult in the beginning because you are limited with space. You will want to strive to maintain balance both together with couple time but also ensure you are both having essential personal time apart in order to express yourselves individually. These times apart are the perfect opportunity to partake in medication, complete personal favorite activities, and just full on work on you as an individual.


Lockdown is the perfect time to experiment new sex positions and maybe even introduce come fun toys into the mix. No matter the quality of you and your partners’ sex life, there is always room to experimenting and to explore one another’s sexual desires. After a few weeks into the lockdown your sex life can quickly grow cold. That’s completely normal since you are not able to go out on special dates, enjoy fun activities, and have drinks out on the town to help build up the sexual tension for the night. Therefore, it may be time to introduce new toys, such as a new vibrator, into the bedroom and to test out some new positions to spice things up in the bedroom. Check out these great sex toy options that can add some romance to any evening.

Set Boundaries and Have Structure

Yes, this is a wonderful time to dive deep and grow in your intimacy as a couple. On the other hand, it is also important to still maintain some sort of structure. Now is also the time to set boundaries as individuals and as a couple in order to help eliminate any potential unnecessary conflict that may rise during your lockdown. It can be extremely helpful for the two of you to designate a time to sit down and discuss your plans for the upcoming week of lockdown. Here is a great tool to make a schedule and do daily check ins with one another.

Take Full Advantage of the Lockdown

Do not view lockdown as a negative experience or a task that you have to simply get through. Instead, view this time as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. At the end of the day in order to have a healthy lasting relationship you need to put in hard work but also be open to trying new experiences. Lockdown can be the perfect time to dissect you individually and as a couple. Be sure to have those deep intimate conversations. Push on another to become stronger individuals and grow as a couple through the lockdown experience. Play games, invest in one another, complete projects, spice things up, and above all cherish the time together.