Friday 14 June 2024
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5 Things to Check Before Hiring Strippers

When hiring strippers, there are several important things to check to ensure you have the best experience possible. If you don’t perform these checks, you could find yourself in an awkward situation that could have been avoided with proper research beforehand.

These 5 things to check before hiring strippers will help prevent any problems and ensure your fun night!

1.  Think About Your Budget

Don’t forget to think about your budget when looking for Melbourne strippers. Prices vary depending on location and other factors. Don’t be afraid to negotiate rates with Sky Strippers if you want a discount or special deal.

A savvy negotiator should always try haggling and feel free to ask about hidden fees. But keep in mind that poor customer service can decline your celebration, so don’t settle for anything less than what you want in terms of look and entertainment value.

2.  Decide whether you want male or female strippers.

There is a gender divide, but some strippers specialize in certain acts. Male strippers from Sky Strippers are more likely to perform exotic dances, while female strippers offer services like lap dances and private shows.

Figure out what you want your dancer(s) to do and clarify with them from day one. Whether it’s appropriate, most women seem more comfortable hiring male strippers for bachelorette parties. If you’re open-minded about gender or are having a coed party, by all means, go for male dancers.

3.  Know What Type of Party it will be

Are you having a bachelor or bachelorette party? This is important because different people will show up (and expect different things) at these parties. If your guests are looking for male strippers, it’s OK if there aren’t any female strippers at your event.

However, if you want a more gender-neutral party, you need to make sure there are a few women in attendance. It all depends on what type of party you’re throwing and what kind of experience you want for your friends.

4.  Consider any Other Entertainment Options.

Most bachelor and bachelorette parties include strippers—the dancers, not just as one of the entertainment options. If you’re thinking about taking that route, it’s essential to consider every other possible entertainment option first—because there’s a lot out there. Ask your friends for their ideas, or do some online research. Maybe you’ll find something besides stripping better suited for your tastes or budget.

5.  Check for Availability

Don’t assume a stripper is available for your event. Most have scheduled shows, and it can be challenging to get them at the last minute. Make sure you plan your show far enough in advance to know for sure when your entertainer will be able to attend. Don’t be afraid to pay a premium for someone who can make it on short notice, but realize you may not get your first choice with such short notice.


It is important to know that hiring Sky Strippers for your bachelorette party is a very luxurious thing that can be an absolute blast. It’s also a massive responsibility and investment – one you should take seriously, as it will ultimately shape how much fun you have on your big night. Before you go out and hire some strippers, make sure you’ve taken everything into account, from your budget and location to your guest list and entertainment expectations.