Friday 14 June 2024
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5 massages to increase your libido

5 massages to increase your libido

To massage before making love? Good idea provided that the other does not fall asleep. Here are five areas of the body to massage to relax the muscles, but especially awaken our precious senses. Boosting your libido with aphrodisiac massages. Nothing like tickling the other where he least expects to arouse desire like a massage Panamescorte 95 well done.

In the preamble, before any massage, Julia Palombe reminds that it is good to follow the tendons, and to vary the cadences as well as the power of its touch. Massage with the hands but also why not with the breath, the kisses, the language? Use your whole body in harmony with each other.

Massaging around sexual parts

Never touch them. It’s like playing cat and mouse to infinity. The important thing here is to stoke the desire, to increase pressure and erection (penis and clitoris). Suggest that it could be hot but slow to take action. Make him also the tantric massage, and see what happens. In short, use this massage area as a natural excitement, waking for example. Sometimes it’s also a good way to speed up things a little to turn a nap into a naughty plan.

Massaging the buttocks

As we know, the buttocks are erogenous zones known and recognized since the dawn of time, or almost. Nothing is more exciting than pressing his buttocks in full swing when he /she is on you or being touched in the action. What if you massage her buttocks before touching something else? Start by touching them, go around the area, massage gently before being more direct. In short, turn around the pot before making him understand what you really have behind the head, or elsewhere.

Massage under the armpits or behind the knees

massage behind the knees

Known to be sensitive areas (understand tickling), these two parts of the body can also be particularly erotic. Under the armpits, close to the breasts (men also have) and not far from the other strategic area of the neck (try to kiss gently in the neck to see), the area sometimes plays an aphrodisiac role because of the smell that emanates from it: we even speak of olfactory eroticism. Behind the knees, nervous center par excellence, do not go with the fingertips, go frankly. Pleasure increased, promised.

Massage the wrists

They are often held, sometimes handcuffed, but they are massaged less regularly. Yet nothing is more effective than a massage of wrists to make it climb to the curtains a few minutes later. Typically, this is the kind of erotic massage that brings you closer to each other with this crazy power to reinforce your feelings towards him. Try! Ditto for the hands (especially the fingers) and the arms.

Massage the feet

Better known, and notoriously erotic, you can also try the feet. Be creative: massage them, taste them, masturbate each other with your feet. For those who would like to wash their partner before a massage (feet or whatever), do not hesitate to transform this stage into a ritual: a small basin of soapy water, a bath sponge, some oils, and the trick is played.